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Of all the subjects I’ve talked about over the years, the one that’s been subject to the most discussion and misinterpretation is Pay-what-it’s-worth, or PWIW. I’ve been doing an ongoing experiment involving alternative value models, using them as a starting point to move beyond the paradigm of Exchanging Time for Money. Read more…


“The best speakers either make people laugh, or totally mess up their minds. Martijn does both.”
— Salih Killic, Owner Important People

“Martijn did a great job as guest speaker @ the EFQM forum in Brussels. It was a direct wake up call for most of the 300 top managers, from some of Europes biggest global companies. He did prove that networking and creating value between people or companies are the only true lasting solutions, to benefit all of us. I do hope that some of the most dusty managers are able to sleep at night anyway after this experience.”
–Michael Gandø, Managing Director KE-Burgmann AS

“Financiële mensen uit de publieke sector op een bijeenkomst over bezuinigingen. Klinkt niet echt als een lollige bijeenkomst… Martijn wist echter als afsluiter van de dag de publieke zaal goed op te peppen. Zichzelf. Direct. Maar vooral to-the-point op het onderwerp van de dag. Martijn kan iedere bijeenkomst een leuke wending geven.”
–Carla Nagel, programma-samensteller ‘Dag van de Public Controller’